Regarding New Covid Restrictions


Pastor Matt here, to once again give you an update on where things currently stand in regards to the current mandates and restrictions in the state of Oregon and what that means for us here at CBC.

Simply put, there have been very few changes since our last update.  

The state of Oregon has moved to a "Risk Levels" (Risk_Levels.pdf)  chart which gives allowances and guidelines for each tier of risk.  These tiers are then assigned to individual counties throughout the Oregon.  Currently we are in the highest level "Extreme Risk."  The good news is that "religious organizations" have been given different designation than in earlier months, therefore occupation limits are now a recommendation and not mandated.  This means that as long as social distancing and mask wearing requirements are followed we can have up to 150 people in our building.  Of course that's not possible, but it does allow us to fill the seats we do have for all those who want to be present on a Sunday morning.   

Speaking of our Sunday morning meetings.  We are currently meeting live and in person for our regular 10:15am service.  We have plenty of overflow seating so if you're comfortable, please consider joining us.

*Please note - we currently are unable to offer nursery or children's church or other children activities.  It is our greatest priority to bring those services back online, but with all of the current restrictions and limited volunteer help there's just no way we can bring it back yet.  Please contact pastor Kirk or pastor Matt with any further questions or concerns.  We'd love to help you out as best we can.*

Live Stream - We are excited to be able to offer a live stream of our Sunday morning service via Facebook Live.  You can find the link to this service in two places, 1) on the home page of our website (just click here to be directed to the link), 2) You can go to our church facebook page by clicking here!

Finally, we understand the wide ranging views and feelings surrounding these guidelines and the overall fatigue of all that's going on in the world around us.  We continue to seek God in prayer and through his word for wisdom in these matters and we humbly ask that you would join us in doing the same.  God is still on His throne and we can certainly put our faith and trust in His plan and purposes.  

With much love,

The Leadership at CBC  

Helpful Resources For Your Spiritual Growth

We've provided some helpful resources and links for your continued spiritual growth, both individually and as a family.  We hope that you will take advantage of these resources as you continue to find ways to stay fed and grow in the knowledge and understanding of God's Word. 

  • The Bible Project

    This has been the primary resource used to put together our PACT learning hour.  We would encourage you to take advantage of all the material they have available for you on their website.  If you sign up for their news letter they will send you weekly resources and information that you can use or send to friends.  

    You can Click Here to check it out! 

  • Minno Kids

    If you're a parent of little kids this is a great resource for age appropriate material.  You can find worship songs, kids bible stories, activity packets, and much, much more.  

    Unfortunately there is a subscriber fee if you wanted to take advantage of it long-term.  But they do offer a 7 day free trial to see if it's something that can be helpful for your family.  


  • Adventures In Odyssey Club

    For you parents in need of wholesome, biblical, and entertaining content for your kids to consume,  consider  Focus On The Family's series "Adventure In Odyssey."  Right now they are offering a 4 week trial that will allow you to access their entire Odyssey library.


  • The Skit Guys Provide A Nightly Bedtime Story For You And Your Kids.

    Starting March 22nd The Skit Guys are providing a nightly bed time story for you and your kids.  They are always up for a laugh and some good memories.  You will definitely want to take advantage of this unique opportunity to enjoy a Bible bedtime story for you kids every night. 

     Click here to go to their YouTube channel.  

  • Notes and Cards

    Encouragement cards, thank you cards and other notes from the Church family will be posted here.  Click on the image to the left to find this spot!