Venture Club Premier!!

TONIGHT (1-20-21)

Tune in at 5:45pm every Wednesday evening to see our most recent episode of Venture Club Online!  

Click the picture or Click Here to join us on our church YouTube channel to watch Venture Club together.  Engage in the chat on our Venture Club Facebook page with some of our leaders and Vennie!  They would love to hear from you.

Also, make sure you register your kiddos so that we can keep in touch and send you special announcements on activities and special things you'll want to be aware of.  

See the post below for all the details to get signed up!

Watch all the VBS Express episodes

We had a great time at VBS express.  It was different from any other VBS we've ever done, but it was still a great time.  We made multiple videos for our skit this year and wanted to share them with you here.  Below you can click on each episode and watch.  Thanks to all those who participated and we look forward to, Lord willing, have our regular VBS next year.  

  1. Episode 1 - Let the Adventure Begin
  2. Episode 2 - Ship Wrecked
  3. Episode 3 - All Hope is Lost
  4. Episode 4 - In Need of a Savior
  5. Episode 5 - A Plan is Made
  6. Episode 6 - What Next?
  7. Episode 7 - The Coast Guard?
  8. Episode 8 - Only Jesus Can Save
  9. Episode 9 - Saved at last