5-17-20 Worship Service

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5-17-20 Online Bulletin


As the present trouble bears down on us...

A Liturgy for Those Flooded by Too Much Information

In a world so wired and interconnected,

our anxious hearts are pummeled

by an endless barrage of troubling news.

We are daily aware of more grief, O Lord, than we can rightly consider,

of more suffering and scandal than we can respond to, 

of more hostility, hatred, horror, and injustice than we can engage with compassion.

But you, O Jesus, are not disquieted by such news of cruelty and terror and war.

You are neither anxious nor overwhelmed.

You carried the full weight of the suffering of a broken world

when you hung upon the cross, and you carry it still.

When the cacophony of universal distress unsettles us, 

remind us that we are but small and finite creatures, 

never designed to carry the vast abstractions of great burdens,

for our arms are too short and our strength is too small. 

Justice and mercy, healing and redemption, are your great labors.

And yes, it is your good pleasure to accomplish such works through your people,

but you have never asked any one of us

to undertake more than your grace will enable us to fulfill.

Guard us then from shutting down our empathy or walling off our hearts

because of the glut of unactionable misery that floods our awareness.

You have many children in many places around this globe. 

Move each of our hearts to compassionately respond

to those needs that intersect our actual lives, 

that in all places your body might be actively addressing

the pain and brokenness of this world,

each of us liberated and empowered by your Spirit

to fulfill the small part of your redemptive work assigned to us.

Give us discernment in the face of troubling news reports.

Give us discernment to know when to pray,

when to speak out, when to act,

and when to simply shut off our screens and our devices,

and to sit quietly in your presence,

casting the burdens of this world upon the strong shoulders

of the one who alone is able to bear them up.


The voice of the Lord is over the waters; the God of glory thunders, the Lord, over many waters.  The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is full of majesty.  Psalm 29:3-4




Communion and Worship - May 3rd

We hope you join us this Sunday, May3rd, to actively participate in worship through Communion - 

this is a time where all believers Celebrate at the Lord’s Table by recognizing who He is, and by giving thanks

in what He has done for us on the cross !

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Prepare - If you have grape juice, some soda crackers or bread, you’re almost ready!  If you don’t have access to these supplies and can’t go out to get them, please call the Church office by 2pm Friday to make arrangements to receive these.   ~  Get them set up ahead of time, so there’s no need to pause the worship video.  And... if you have not yet read the reflection written by Douglas McKelvey (below this announcement post),  consider making this "sensible, personal prayer" a part of "getting ready."
  • Participate ! - Try setting things up to watch the video with friends and/or family at the same time.   Even if you are in separate homes or rooms, taking part in communion can be more meaningful when we know others are participating at the same moment! 
  • Follow along - When the moment arrives in the service for Communion, there will be an announcement on the screen along with familiar passages of scripture being read aloud with accompanying music.   You can allow the familiar scriptures to guide you in taking the bread and then the cup - OR - You can take the bread, reflect, and take the cup whenever your heart is ready.  Since music will be playing throughout this segment, there should be plenty of time to participate.
  • Pray aloud (talk with the Lord Jesus) before, during and after the video.  This is about you and Him after all!  
  • Sing out loud if you want - or you can “make melody in your heart” to the Lord!
  • Take time after the video - to reflect on God’s Word and how it impacts you…talk with friends or family members to help personalize this worship event.