September Update - Pastor Kirk

There are several things to share for this update...but instead of giving you a lot of text to read through, just  watch a brief video instead !  

Just click or tap on the smiling guy's face to begin.

Thanks for watching !

Venture Club Highlight Video

We had a great time at VBS express.  It was different from any other VBS we've ever done, but it was still a great time.  We wanted to share a little bit of the expreience with you in this highlight video.  Shawn Esola was able to put together the video for your viewing pleasure.  Thanks to all those who participated and we look forward to, Lord willing, have our regular VBS next year.  

Online Children's Church

New Lesson!  (Posted --  8-10-20)

We're exited to bring you another episode of children's church online!  We are definitely missing all of you and wish that we could see you all in person.  But, until then we hope that this will be an encouagement to you!  Click the picture or click here to watch!

Also, please stop they the church to pick up your activities packet that goes along with this week's lesson.  They will be available out in front of our church front doors and for pick up this week at the church office from Tuesday-Friday.


Technical Difficulties Worship Service 8-2-20

Unfortunately, we ran into some technical difficulties in recording this last week's service.  These things happen from time to time when dealing with technology.  Please feel free to rumage around our sermon archive if our most current service or sermon isn't readily available.  We are working dilegently in creating the best worship expereince we can while working with the resources we have.  If you have any questions feel free to call the churh office and we'd be glad to answer them.  


Worship Service 7-26-20

Welcome back for another week of online worship (for those of you who couldn't make it in person).  We're excited to continue our study in the book of James.

Thanks for joining us.  Click here or click the picture to watch!