Sign up for 21 Days of Prayer

We hope you would consider joining our church body as we come together and pray for 21 straight days.  This is a prayer initiative put forth by our conference, so many churches throughout our nation and around the world will be joining us as well. 

We ask that you sign up for a couple of reasons.

1) So that we know who within our congregation is participating.  We have provided all the material HERE on our website, but we would love to know who has taken that step of action and has committed to praying for 21 days with us.  

2) For accountability.  Yes, we said it..that dreaded word...accountability.  But let's be honest, sometimes our heart and mind is willing, but distractions and life get in the way.  Accountability is a way that we can all encourage one another to be diligent in and even remember what our mind and heart wanted back when we signed up.  (Don't worry, we aren't going to send out constant emails or reminders to keep you on track OR make you feel bad if you've fallen a little behind.  This is merely about staying in the loop and being encouraged to press on.)

So with that in mind SIGN UP TODAY!

Get Ready for Powerful Change at a Personal Level that will influence your community and the world...

You can find out more AND get materials for this event