Clatskanie Baptist Church
Volunteer Security Tips
For Ambassadors Soccer Camp

“Preparation was the single most important key to success.”
“Preparation means…anticipating potential trouble.”
(From the book, “Leadership” by Rudi Giuliani. Page 52; 64)

THEME for soccer camp week is: “See Something, Say Something”
We want to encourage volunteers to take the initiative to speak up when they see something suspicious or unusual.

Tips for reporting suspicious activity:
A) Suspicious vehicle
-License plate number and state -Color of vehicle
-Body style (2Dr, 4Dr, Wagon, etc) -Location and direction of travel
-Description of occupants
B) Suspicious person
-Race -Sex
-Clothing -Height
-Weight -Location and direction of travel
-Facial features (Hair color, Hair length, mustache, beard, glasses, scars)

Contact local law enforcement right away. Clatskanie police: 503-728-2145.

Registrars, make sure children who walk home, ride a bicycle or drive have a note for permission from their parent/guardian.

Ask the child if this is your “dad” or” mom.”

-Children are most vulnerable when alone.
-Abductions are often someone whom the child knows. Family abductions make up the majority of kidnap offenders, as in a custody battle.
-Safety first. Prevention is the key. Develop a plan of action.